Honda Motor Company


The New Honda Civic Type R


Type R Launch



The coronavirus changed many things, and among those things, launch campaigns with a huge press herd and test-drives were out of the question. Honda wanted a launch campaign that was within the "social distance" understanding.
Two car fanatics/bloggers were invited and they tested the new Honda Type-R.


Those three fames of the storyboard where calculated to show the new details of the new Honda Civic Type-R.



  • Our director and DOP used an Arri Alexa Mini for the film. Also a GoPro Hero8 Black and a Panasonic GH5 were used to shoot close up frames from the interior and the driver. Aerial shots were taken from a DJI Inspire2 equipped with a X5R camera. The film was shot with 50 fps and on 4K. Video compression format of this film was Apple ProRes 4-4-4-4.
  • _ Arri Alexa Mini Body
  • _ Zeiss Masterprime Lens Set
  • _ Panasonic GH5
  • _ DJI Inspire 2 + Zenmuse X5R
  • _ GoPro Hero8 Black


  • _ 1X4 KW HMI
  • _ 1X1.8 KW HMI
  • _ 1X400W HMI
  • _ 1 Set Dedolight
  • _ 1 Set 120 Kino Flo
  • _ 1 Set 60 Kino Flo


  • _ Russian Arm - Motocrane
  • _ Steadicam



  • Client Agency: Ogilvy
  • Director: Kadir Öztoksoy
  • Director of Photography: Murat Tuncel, GYD
  • Producer: İbrahim Özay
  • Art Director: Tuğrul Üçyiğit
  • Production Manager: Ümit Tokat
  • Assistant Director: Akay Kahveci
  • Cast: Burak Ertem
  • Cast: Sinan Koç
  • Gaffer: Halil Kazar
  • Steadicam Operator: Ömer Belli
  • Russian Arm: Skypro
  • Drone Operator: Aras Koloğlu
  • Focuspuller: Emre Açıkkol
  • Sound: Melodika Sound Production
  • Backstage: Doğan Şahin
  • Reji Assist: Sabri Ocak
  • Post Production: Post Brothers
  • Camera Equipments: Film Art



It's always difficult to shoot high performance cars, depending on weather, sun, driver; and it is more difficult to shoot on a professional racetrack due the security measures and limited space for movement. There are a lot of procedures including requesting permission to get on track every single time. There are certain locations for the film crew, you are not allowed to place a person on a racetrack; there has to be a barricade between the film crew and the car on track.
Limited time for filming is the cherry on top. Our crew was allowed to enter the premises at 9:00 am and our crew had to leave at 6:00 pm sharp, with losing 2 hours because midday it was a very tight time-schedule.



The film was shot in one day at racetrack Istanbul Park. The shoot started with the paddock scene and our lighting crew created a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere for the beauty shots. After midday the scenes on the start-finish line were shot with the drivers. Short after that our crew started shooting the russian arm scenes on track. At the end of day, our crew returned to the start - finish line and the packshot was created.